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University of Calgary
Computer Science
CPSC 233
Tony Tang

MATH 253 L01 -L02 - MIDTERM Winter 2014 Faculty of Science Department of Mathematics & Statistics MATH 253 L01-L02 MIDTERM 2 { WINTER 2014 March 20 MAKE SURE TO FILL IN YOUR NAME AND UCID HERE VERSION I.D. LAST FIRST NUMBER NUMBER NAME NAME 11 CIRCLE YOUR LECTURE SECTION LECTURE 01 LECTURE 02 Kristine Bauer Jean Francois Biasse MWF 9:00 MFH 162 MWF 12:00 CHC 119 EXAMINATION RULES 1. ENTER YOUR NAME, ID NUMBER, EXAM No., LAB No. and LECTURE No. on the EXAM BOOKLET and SCANTRON SHEET 2. No Calculators, electronic equipment, or other paper material than this examination and scantron sheet allowed. 3. All enquiries and requests must be addressed to supervisors only. 4. Candidates are strictly cautioned against: (a) speaking to other candidates or communicating with them under any circumstances whatsoever; (b) bringing into the examination room any textbook, notebook or memoranda not authorized by the examiner; (c) making use of calculators, cell phones or other portable computing machines not authorized by the instructor; (d) leaving answer papers exposed to view; (e) attempting to read other students’ examination papers. The penalty for violation of these rules is suspension or expulsion or such other penalty as may be determined. 5. Candidates are requested to write on both sides of the page. 6. Discarded matter is to be struck out and not removed by mutilation of the examination answer book. 7. Candidates are cautioned against writing in their answer books any matter extraneous to the actual answering of the question set. 8. A candidate must report to a supervisor before leaving the examination room, of if they become ill or otherwise unable to complete the exam. 9. Candidates must stop writing when the signal is given. Exams and scantrosn must be handed to the supervisor-in-charge promptly when the signal is given. Failure to comply with this regulation will be cause for rejection of an answer paper. Page 1 MATH 253 L01 -L02 - MIDTERM Winter 2014 Part I. Follow the directions on the scantron sheet provided to indicate the correct answers to each question. Each question is worth 5 points. Make sure to include your name, student number, and version number on the scantron sheet. 1. Which of the following integrals in improper? Z 1 1 A) 2 dx. ▯1x + 1 Z 1 B) * x ▯ 3 dx. ▯1x ▯ 2x Z 1 x C) 2 dx. ▯1 x + 1 Z 1 1 D) x ▯ 2 dx. ▯1 E) None of these is improper. Z 1 1 2. Evaluate the integral dx. 1 (1 ▯ 2x)2 A) ▯1=2; B) 1 C) ▯1=2; D) ▯1; E) The integral diverges. Page 2 MATH 253 L01 -L02 - MIDTERM Winter 2014 3. Suppose that 0 ▯ f(x)
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