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Carol Gibbons Kroeker

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Study Guide - Metabolism and Body Basics Unit Chapter 1 – Introduction - 1 pt Chapter 2 – Macromolecules – 4 pts Chapter 4 – metabolism – 9pts Chapter 22 – energy balance – 9 pts Chapter 23 – endocrine control of metabolism – 4 pts The Highlight Reel (things to focus on): Protein function and structure Enzymes roles in reactions The purpose and main function of glycolysis, Kreb’s cycle, and ETS TheATP yields of proteins, fats, carbs Storage molecules Role of Insulin and glucagon Diabetes mellitus Role of other hormones (TH, GH, Cortisol) Review Questions: What are 3 things needed for cellular respiration andATP production? oxygen, glucose, ___ When oxygen is not present, what is pyruvate converted into? ethanol What are the three processes in cellular respiration? Glycolosis, citric acid cycle. oxidative phophoralation What are the starting reactiant and the end products of glycolysis glucose, NAD+, ATP….4 qatp, 2nadh, 2 pyruvate Name the reactants and products of oxidative metabolism – overall reaction NADH FADH2. .product: 32-34 atp What is the role of NAD+ a H+ shuttle to bring to Electron transport system How manyATP are produced per glucose molecule? 36-38 What makes lactic acid fermentation and alcohol fermentation different? lactic:converts pyruvate to lactic acid. reversible. Fermentation: pyruvateethanol. irriversable. releases co2 Where does glycolysis and Kreb’s cycle take place? glycolysis: happens in cytosol. krebs in mitochondria What is occurring when a reaction reaches equilibriu
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