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KNES 323
Carol Gibbons Kroeker

Review – Blood and Immunity Chapter 16 – blood - 16 pts Chapter 24 – immune system – 17 pts The Highlight Reel (things to focus on): Components of blood and blood plasma Anemia and polycythemia Leukemia and ITP Processes of hemostasis and coagulation Specific vs non-specific immunity Processes of non-specific immunity. B-cell and T-cell reactions Types of T- cells Memory vs plasma cells Blood typing Allergies Blood Questions: List 3 components of plasma. electrolytes, proteins, fatty acids, h2o List the 5 types of white blood cells. lymphocytes, monocytes, neutrophils, esinophios, basophils What do lymphocytes do? specific immunity What do megakaryocytes become? platelets What is the average lifespan of a red blood cell? 120 days What components are needed for blood clotting? platelets,collagen, thromboplastin What digests a clot after healing? plasmin What is the clotting factor that converts fibrinogen into fibrin? tPA Which factors are usually lacking with hemophilia? protein for clot formation What are normal counts for RBC and WBC’s? 4.2-5.4 million rbc….5000-10000 wbc What is polycythemia? increased RBC What is needed for RBC production? Where does it occur? iron, folic acid, b12, erythropoeiten… bone marrow What is anemia? inability of rbc to carry o2 What is deficient with pernicious anemia? inadequate absorption of b12. needed for cell division What is aplastic anemia? failure of bone marrow to produce blood components What happens to the RBC size with iron deficiency anemia? deflate, smalller What is the most common white blood cell? neutrophil(50-70%) lymphocytes(20-40%) What is the main function of erythrocytes(rbc)? rbc's… carry o2 What is the main function of neutrophils? eat bad stuff What is the main function of basophils? release histamine What is the main function of monocytes? eat bacteria in lympph What are the three processes involved in hemostasis? vascular spasm, platelet plug, coagulation What occurs with platelet plug? exposed collagen binds and activates platelets, chemotoxins released from platelets which attract more platelets. What are the characteristics of the extrinsic path? faster, shorter, less fibrin, uses thrombin,ttp What is the limiting step of the intrinsic path? ??? What do platelets require to be activated? exposed collagen bindig to it How are the extrinsic and intrinsic pathways different? extrinsic is faster.. extrinsic uses thrombin What is the function of hemoglobin? to carry o2 in rbc Name two things secreted to limit hemostasis. heparin, protein c, tfpi, antithrombin iii What is hematocrit? the ratio of rbc to plasma/wbc What is the function of erythropoietin? stimulates increased rbc production Where does RBC cell removal occur? How? spleen(has small vessels old rbcs cant fit through so theyre eaten..) liver(same??) What occurs with leukemia? increased prodction of immature leukocytes What occurs with ITP? Immunity Questions Name two functions of the immune system. protects against pathogens, protects against foreign molecules(toxins), removes dead or damaged cel
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