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LWSO 201 Final: Final Exam Format

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University of Calgary
Law and Society
LWSO 201
Ted Mc Coy

LWSO 201 Final Exam Two essay questions Discuss how liberalism has shaped the Canadian law. In your response you may also consider examples of where liberalism has been limited, restricted, or challenged by law or legislation in Canada. Indian Act the White Paper Morgentaler affair (abortion debate) Discuss the role of morality in the Canadian legal system. In your response you may wish to consider the effect of moral discourse and morality based legislation. Women and prostitute Gay science teacher red from a Christian school Pornography case Institution they were sent to FRA Explore the effect of the Canadian Charter Rights of Freedoms upon the Canadian law. Your response may consider both positive and negative implications of the charter. Indian Act Gay science teacher red from a Christian school 1
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