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Study Guides for LING 321 at University of Calgary (U OF C)

U OF CLING 321Dimitrios SkordosFall

LING 321 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Richard N. Aslin, Syntactic Bootstrapping, Null-Subject Language

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6 Nov 2017
Speech perception in infants eimas et al. Infants are able to sort acoustic variations of adult phonemes into categories. Cross-language speech percept
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U OF CLING 321Dimitrios SkordosFall

LING 321- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 63 pages long!)

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28 Mar 2018
Read paper for friday september 22 and post d2l discussion thread. Pre-speech development: sounds newborns produce: crying, burping, breathing, sucking
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