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University of Calgary
SOCI 201

Sociology 201, section 01 Study Guide for Final Exam, December 14, 2012 Red Gym, 3:30-5:30PM Some Business Matters: 1. BRING YOUR UNIVERSITY ID. If you have no identification, you may not be allowed to write the final. 2. You may bring NO study materials into the exam room. 3. SHOW UP ON TIME. The exam is at 3:30 on a Friday afternoon, so plan accordingly. If you are more than 10 minutes late then we will not be permitted to seat you according to a standard set by the registrar. 4. Any item that might permit cheating is not allowed on your desk. These items include calculators, pencil cases, purses, mobile phones, and anything else besides your test form,scantron form, ID, and one or two writing utensils. Caps with brims must be removed as well. 5. If you are writing the exam in the DRC or at a registrar-scheduled alternate time, you are NOT to use a scantron EVEN IF THE INVIGILATOR GIVES YOU ONE. These exams have to be marked by hand, which is very difficult with scantrons. Instead, mark your answers clearly on the test form as you have been doing all semester. The final exam will consist of forty multiple-choice questions worth one mark each. The final exam constitutes 40% of your total semester grade. From sections 2 through 10 in the course outline (i.e, the sections covered in the midterms), questions only come from readings (not lectures) and from the following chapters. You are going to have to figure out f
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