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SOCI 205 Complete Notes for the Course (Got over 94%)

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University of Calgary
SOCI 205

Week 1I have put ain front of an important concept that was on my midtermThe Canadian Charter or Rights and Freedom 198284oSection 15 is both personal and institutional levelRacism is not acceptedBut it does existWhat is the sociological imaginationoC Wright Mills coined it in 1959oWe need it to see past the private troubleoIts Private Trouble vs Social IssueoPrivate TroubleIts personalEx not getting into uni because your grade isnt high enoughoSocial issue Impacts many peopleEx 10 or Canadians cant get a job oThere are three parts to the sociological imaginationStructure of SocietyEducation politic region structuresEx education is related to economyPatterns of social changeWe take society for granted but it has changed a lot over the years to become this way It is this way because it serves the citizens interestsEx law is used to gaurntee the interest of marginalisedMembers of societyPeople are placed all over the country these demographic differences leads to different experiences of who has an advantagedisadvantageEX urban vs rural areas are very differentEx the Atlantic Provinces are at a disadvantage while AB is at an advantage oThree characteristics of the Soci ImaginationSeeing the general in the particularWe care about the overall outcome not how it impacts individual groupsIn the past we see history and social conflict this is because the focus was for the good of the whole Ex first nations treated badSeeing the strange in the familiarImportant because we would ask why things are the way they areSocial selection ex how you need certain education for a jobEx experiences with sexism Our choices are shaped by our context ex race family class etcDifferent alternatives to choose from shaped by what is availableSeeing the individuality in social contextSocial context shapes opportunity structure where you make decisionsPeople face barriers like the marginalised Benefits of Sociological Imaginationocritical assessment of common sense ideasthe grey area is a matter of perspective and what we may take for grantedlike how section 15 in the charter says we are all equal but yet there is discrimination Privilege Marginalizedo critical assessment of opportunities and constraints affecting our livesThere are many social problems because of being marginalizedAre we members of a dominant culture Because you get different opportunity and realities o empowermentbecoming active participants in societyo navigate a diverse world with an open mindIts easier because this generation grew up around diversity so its easier to accept it Week 2I have put ainfront of an important concept that was on my midterm11What is Society3 aspects are oTerritory geographic boundary
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