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STAT 217

AMAT 217 Problems for Labs 1.Find the exact values of a cosh−ln3 b csch−2 −1 2 −1 c tanh 3 d cosh 3 2.If sinhln x 12 , find the exact values of 5 i x ii tanhlnx 3 3.If tanh − 2 , find the exact values of sinh, cosh, csch , sech, and coth. 4.Find the derivatives of each of the following functions. Simplify your answer. −1 2 a f x xsinh x − 1 x . b g x tanh sinx tan sinhx. 5.The current in an electric system is decreasing at a rate of 5 amperes / s while the voltage remains constant at 9 volts.Find the rate of change of the resistance R when the current is 18 amperes. The voltage V in volts , the resistance R in ohmms, and the current I in amperes are related by the formula V I R. 6.Newton’s universal law of gravitation states that the bodied of masses m and1m at a 2 distance r unites apart exert a force of attraction F on each other given by the formula G m 1 2
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