AGR 1110 Study Guide - Soy Protein, Nihon Bijutsuin, Animal Feed

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Attempts to turn carnivors into herba- vores - feed soy protein. Differs by sector grazing or mixed feed. Feed (pro- tien) labour, replac stock, breed- ing, vet, etc. Drinking and feeding system adjusted as bird grows. B (com- mercial baking/ process- ing), c (pro- cessing) York- shire/la ndrace (high lit- ter size breeds)/ 114 day gesta- tion, 21 day to wean (rebred. 150 days from birth to death lay for. 12 mon- thes starting at 19 weeks old, 1 egg per day in peak produc- tion, av. Fish: trout, salmon, charr, tilapi, carp, cat- fish, 20% of world genet- ics, spe- cialty products from other species. Take ad- vantage of western range land, product is considered a measure of wealth other places in the world. Farrow- ing crates and al- terna- tives for lacta- tion pe- riod. Animal welfare is con- cern; public pres- sure over battery cages. : exce- lent feed conver- sion, lower days to market,

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