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University of Guelph
AGR 1110
Andy Robinson

ExampleAGR-1110 Study Chart –AnimalAgriculture Compo- Dairy Beef Pork Eggs Poultry Alter- Aquacul- Alterna- Fibre nent nate ture tive Dairy Species Producers13000 Many, lots 6000 1015 Ontario Sheep in Cana- of small de- Broilers Small da herds creasing1100 Goat farms, 200 in turkeys ontario 160 Animals ~1M ~11.8M 11.8M 520 M in Cana- dozen da eggs/ye ar Distribu- ON, QC AB,SK,ON QC, ON, ON ON, QC, BC tion MN (41%), Western 52.3%, West Prov- NB, (31.5), inces, 20.7%, QC then BC NF 11.7% Produc- Inten- Extensive Specific,Inten- All in/all Freshwa- tion sive Intensive Farrow sive, out ter: Race- System to layer ways, Finnish, rooms 40- Pond, Hybrid 50000 Cages, birds Land- per barn Based Recircula- tion Saltwa- ter: Aqua- pod, openwa- ter, cages Typical Corn, Range/Pas- Corn, Corn Attempts Feed roughag ture, Corn Barley wheat to turn e + Silage etc + barley carnivors Protien etc. into some herba- protien vores - feed soy protein VERY GOOD CONVER- SION 1:1 or 1.5:1 Feeding Com- Differs by Phase Drinking System plete ra- sector – Feeding and tion grazing or feeding mixed feed system adjusted as bird grows Expenses Feed, Feed FEED Feed, in- Feed, In- Quota (pro- frastruc- frastruc- tien) ture ture labour, replac stock, breed- ing, vet, etc RevenuesMilk, ge- Beef, live Meat Eggs meat Milk, Fresh pro- netics animals lower eggs Cheese duce, then pro- costs cessed, frozen Product Quality Grading of Grading Evalua- testing carcass Station, tion A (con- sumer) , B (com- mercial baking/ process-
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