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[ANSC 4560] - Final Exam Guide - Ultimate 50 pages long Stu..
[ANSC 4560] - Final Exam Guide - Ultimate 50 pages long Study Guide!

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University of Guelph
Animal Science
ANSC 4560
Anna- Kate Shoveller

UofG ANSC 4560 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE find more resources at Canoides Raccoon Bear Panda Dog Weasel Feloides Genet Hyena Cat Dog Skulls Dolichocephalic breeds afghan hound, collie Mesaticephalic breeds beagle, foxhound (most experiments done with these) Brachycephalic breeds pug, boxer Dentition Puppy 28 deciduous teeth, i33, c11, p33, m 00 Kitten 26 deciduous teeth, i33, c11, p32, m00 Dog 42 permanent teeth, i33, c11, p44, m23 Cat 30 permanent teeth, i33, c11, p32, m11 **Carnassial teeth: last upper premolar and first lower molar, designed for shearing action for tearing meat apart VOHC= Veterinary Oral Health Council Do protocol and submissions for pet food For a feed to be approved and recommended by the VOHC, it must meet the requirements of the VOHC GIT of Dogs and Cats Unusual Aspects of Nutrient Metabolism in Cats Inability to conserve protein Very important Dietary requirement for taurine (particularly for vegetarian diets) Very important Synthesis of felinine and isovalthine Not hugely important High PheTyr requirement for hair pigmentation Not hugely important Inability to convert excess tryptophan to niacin (not usually a problem because a full vitamin supplement is added to diets) Typically not a problem Inability to convert ornithine to arginine Typically not a problem Less responsive mechanisms of glucose homeostasis (more of a concern because this problem is related to diabetes) Of some concern Requirement for derived essential fatty acids Very important Inability to convert carotenes to vitamin A (not usually a problem because a full vitamin supplement is added to diets) Not hugely important Inability to make previtamin D in the skin Not hugely important Absence of sodium appetite Practical but no hugely important find more resources at
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