ANSC 3050 Study Guide - Comprehensive Midterm Guide: Oligodendrocyte, Thermoreceptor, Catecholamine

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Lecture 1: homeostasis and integration case of thermoregulation. Using thermoregulation as an example, explain the integrated response involved in maintaining homeostasis. Maintenance of a constant (normal) internal environment. Coordinated responses of organs/systems that automatically compensate for environmental changes. Coordinated response = more than 1 system. Mammals and birds are homeotherms ~ animals that do not have the ability to regulate temperature ex. farm animals. Warm-blooded animals, maintain body temperature within narrow limits 37-42 degrees. If there is too much heat body will try to move it away. Poikilotherm: animals whose internal temperature varies considerably ex. frogs. Arial of the body that protect vital organs. Influenced by environment, exercise, metabolism (muscles produce a lot of heat) No additional energy required to maintain body temperature = perfect husbandry conditions. Critical temperature = energy required to maintain homeothermic condition. Hyperthermia (heat stress): generally fatal, cells can not functions, enzymes & proteins denature. Ex. if you pass 42, enzymes start denaturing cooking yourself .

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