ANTH 1150 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Burping, Lithic Reduction, Sociolinguistics

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Varying forms of a language that reflect particular regions or social classes and that are similar enough to be mutually intelligible. The ability to refer to objects and events removed in time and space (ex. Using cultural knowledge to solve or alleviate social problems: enculturation. The process that transmits a society"s culture from one generation to the next: archaeology. The study of material remains to reconstruct the lives of people who lived in the past: ethnic boundary. Morphemes that occur in a language only in combination with other morphemes, as -s in. S in cats, dogs, pigs, etc. : bronislaw. Indicators or characteristics, such as dress and language, that identify individuals as belonging to a particular ethnic group. A group of people who take their identity from a common place of origin, history, and sense of belonging: ethnocentrism. The practice of judging other cultures from the perspective of one"s own culture.