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University of Guelph
ANTH 1150
Satsuki Kawano

ANTH 1150 Final ExamSpradley Review QuestionsChapters 2 3 12 14 1516midterm review questionsCh 4 Denise Brennan1 What draws Dominican women to the town of Sosa to act as sex workers Sex work is perceived as profitable makes more money then working as a hair stylist or waitress typical jobsFantasy of establishing a transnational relationship with new technologies fax machines money wire transfers2 What kind of backgrounds do Dominican sex workers come from and what do they believe European clients can do for themPoor live with and support family pay for food etcTypically mothers and first time sex workersLittle formal education few marketable skills limited social networks minimal support from the fathers of their childrenfew opportunities to escape from poverty and periodic crises3 What is the usual outcome of Dominican sex workers sexual relations with European clientsPlan to save up money long term to buy a house and be able to support familyTypically relationships with foreign men die off or never begin after they leave the islandUnlikely alter long term economic or social statusCh 5 Nancy ScheperHughes1 How do poor Brazilian mothers react to their infants illness and deathHow do the church clinic and civil authorities respondIts nothing to mothers just another angel going to heavenMothers come to expect it hardly ever name new born children because theyre at such high risk of death women cant afford babysitters so they often leave new born babies at home by themselves all day longSurvivors are nurtured but doomed infants are simply left to die mothers let nature take its courseLearn when its safe to let oneself love their child2 What do Brazilian mothers perspectives on their infants deaths say about basic human nature especially the motherchild bondWomen have had to give birth and nurture children under ecological conditions and social arrangements hostile to child survival as well as to their own well being under high child mortality circumstances patterns of selective neglect and passive infanticide may be active survival strategiesDelay attachment to babies to weed out those who wont survive and focus on the healthier babies to enhance their chances of survival
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