ANTH 2230 Study Guide - Final Guide: Terakoya, Meiji Period, Geisha

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29 Nov 2011
Midterm Exam Review Nov. 29th 2011 (Final Exam Review)
Education during the Edo Period
-domain schools (public) for samurai warriors
-private tutoring for their wives
-terakoya or temple barrack schools (private schools) for commoners
Education during the Meiji Period
-elementary school (6 years: compulsory for boys and girls)
-middle school (5 years; compulsory for boys)
-multiple channels
Education in contemporary Japan
-mass education system (1947-)
-a single channel system
-elementry (6years) compulsory for B and G
-middle (3 years) compulsory for B and G
Dual family structure in Postwar Japan
-urban nuclear-family households established by urban migrates
-rural multigenerational households
-postwar urban migrants have many adult siblings
-demographic transition
Stereotypical Images of Japan
-Mount Fuji and Geisha
-"hard working"
-"traditional" and being modernized
-indirect. non-rational, intuitive
-imitators rather than creators
-problems: stereotypes are homogenizing and ethnocentric
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