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ANTH 3690 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Nominalism, Deterritorialization

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ANTH 3690
Marta Rohatynskyj
Study Guide

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Lecture 13
Oct. 20. 2011
Discussion Questions
1. If you had to explain to a first year student what was structural about the theory of Levi-
Strauss, Radcliffe-Brown, and Appadurai, what would you say? Remember the minimal
definition of structure: relations between elements forming a unity.
-They all have the notion that structure is not just the sum of its parts, there is more to it. It is
based on linkages.
-people are not consciously thinking about mind and body. Society can change structure,
groups of people not, but not the individual.
-empirical discipline.
-the science of the structure
-looks toward simple cultures to find the basics of structure, and believes as society progresses
the structure becomes more complex
-culture is structure but different cultures are organized and assembled in a different way but
are still considered structures. each culture has its own linkages that means something to its
-interested in how people form into groups. and what are the relationships between people in
groups and dyadic relationships between two people.
-functional element different institutions play, each having its own role
-not an idealist.
-nominalist approach
-can never be objective, mind and body are always connected, mind tries to categorize things,
-society cannot live without structure to work. And they are inherent in the mind.
-picks up on Durkheims ideas of classification
-two kinds of determinism the mind and body together form the person.
-follows Wolf on focussing on linkages
-more about the globalization, linkages between nations and cultures.
-flow of ideas and cultures
-definition of scapes, media scapes, financial scapes,
-see these scapes as culture
-is their unity and a structure to these scapes? do they work together? (like Radcliffe-Brown
said institutions keep societies together)
-NO - said constantly deterritorialization. Cannot detain these scapes, they go off in different
directions. There is disjuncture between these scapes. Non unified whole. N
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