ANTH 3690 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Nominalism, Deterritorialization

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Discussion questions: if you had to explain to a first year student what was structural about the theory of levi- Remember the minimal definition of structure: relations between elements forming a unity. They all have the notion that structure is not just the sum of its parts, there is more to it. People are not consciously thinking about mind and body. Society can change structure, groups of people not, but not the individual. Looks toward simple cultures to find the basics of structure, and believes as society progresses the structure becomes more complex. Culture is structure but different cultures are organized and assembled in a different way but are still considered structures. each culture has its own linkages that means something to its own. Interested in how people form into groups. and what are the relationships between people in groups and dyadic relationships between two people. Functional element different institutions play, each having its own role.

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