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Art History
ARTH 1520
Martina Meyer

ARTH 1520: FINAL EXAM NOTES (Chapters 29 -31) Chapter 29: Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century Art in Europe and North America Francois Boucher - The artist most closely associated with Parisian Rococo painting after Watteau’s death - Hired to reproduce Watteau’s paintings for a collector - Life and career were intimately bound up with two women:  Marie-Jeanne Buseau  artistically talented wife  frequent model as well as studio assistant to her husband  Madame de Pompadour  Louis XV’s mistress  Became his major supported and patron  Amateur artist herself who took lessons from him in printmaking - Received his first royal commission in 1735, worked continuously on the decorations for the royal residences at Versailles and Fontainebleau - Chief inspector at the Goblin tapestry manufactory and Sevres porcelain, provided designs - 1765, became first painter to the king - Painted several portraits of him, scenes of daily life, mythological pictures and a series of erotic works for private enjoyment often depicting adventures of Venus Girl Reclining: Louis O’Murphy - Erotic series - 18 year old Louis O’Murphy - Clothing is beneath her and pillows scattered at her feet and on the floor - Hair decorated with braids and a blue ribbon and a fallen pink rose lies on the floor - Intended to be overtly sensual - Very real image in a very real Rococo room - Robust world of sensual pleasure recalls the style of Ruben but with a lighter touch Jean-Honore Fragonard - Master of French Rococo painting - Studied with Boucher - Prize de Rome, 3 to 5 year scholarship awarded to the top students in painting and sculpture graduating from the French Academy’s art school, won it in 1752 - Catered to the taste of an aristocratic clientele as a decorator of interiors The Swing - Artist: Fragonard - Date: 1766 - New location: The Wallace Collection, London - Material: oil on canvas - Originally comm
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