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BIOC 2580
E P Wijekoon

BIOC2580 Final Exam Notes 8. Redox Reactions  Oxidation and reduction reactions always occur together  Consider the reaction to be in 2 half reactions  Reducing agent/reductant: electron donating molecule  Oxidizing agent/oxidant: electron accepting molecule Equilibrium in Redox Reactions A ox+ B red A red+ Box -  Decide which species (B ox or Aox has a greater tendency to accept the available e 0’  Direction of reaction can be determined by comparing standard reduction potentials (E ) of the 2 half reactions 0’ o  E = standard reduction potential at pH7 and 25 C Measuring Standard Reduction Potentials of Half Reactions  Redox potentials measured with electrochemical cell apparatus  Each cell mediates one of the half reactions -  e s pass between cells through a wire  Potentiometer measures the electrical potential difference  Reference half cell: for which reduction potential is defined to be 0 +  Standard hydrogen electrode at pH 0 (1M H )
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