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BIOC 2580 Sample Exam

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BIOC 2580
Linda Hunter

BIOC 2580 Fall 2009 Final Exam Practice PackageThis package will not be taken up in session it is supplemental only Please work on it with friends and use your course notes to get the answers all questions were generated from course notesThis package was made much longer than a typical final examso dont use it to judge your timing Several questions were simply generated so that you may have additional practiceGood luck on your final exam 1 Which of the following compounds is NOT a carbohydrate a Glucose b Fructose16bisphosphate c 2phosphoglycerate d Citrate e Two 2 of the above Refer to the figure for the following 5 questions 1 2 3 X Y 2 What is the name of the enzyme that catalyzes Reaction 1 a Enolase b Phosphoglycerate Kinase c Phosphoglycerate Mutase d Pyruvate Kinase e Phosphoglycerate Transaminase3 Reaction 2 can best be described as a a Reduction b Dephosphorylation c Phosphorylation d Condensation e Hydrolysis4 What belongs in box X what else is required for this reaction to occur a ATP b ADPP i
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