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Study Guides for BIOC 3570 at University of Guelph

Analytical Biochemistry

Exam Study Guides for BIOC 3570

Covers all exam topics.

BIOC 3570- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 13 pages long!)

[BIOC 3570] Comprehensive fall guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at Midterm 1 – Study Guide – Key Concepts UV/Vis to Protein Purification - affinity ch...

BIOC 3570
BIOC 3570 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Differential Centrifugation, Centrifugal Force, Sedimentation Coefficient

QUIZ #2 STUDY NOTES: p. 169 – 266 of lecture notes Isoelectric focusing - use a gel containing polyampholytes: low MW polyaminocarboxylic acids - acid at anode (positively charged, moves to cathode) base at c...

BIOC 3570
David Josephy
BIOC 3570 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Freeze-Drying, Couette Flow, High-Performance Liquid Chromatography

Spectroscopy Interaction of lightelectromagnetic radiation with matter Examples: Optical abs vs. wavelength Fluorescence emission vs. wavelength Mass spec ion intensity vs mz NMR abs vs. chemical shift (frequency) Sepera...

BIOC 3570
David Josephy
BIOC 3570 Study Guide - Final Guide: Myc, Transforming Growth Factor Beta, E2F

Spatial and Temporal Control of Regulatory Pathways December 14, 20152:29 PM Signals must occur at the RIGHT PLACE (spatial control) and the RIGHT TIME (temporal control) Spatial Control RIGHT PLACE In any signalling pathw...

BIOC 3570
BIOC 3570 Study Guide - Final Guide: Phosphoglycerate Mutase, Rna, Atep Rizal

Regulation of Metabolism December 13, 20159:54 PM Catabolic processes to generate high energy compounds that drive biosynthetic pathways Stage 1 Building Blocks: Breaking things down into individual building blocks Stage 2...

BIOC 3570
BIOC 3570 Study Guide - Final Guide: Gene Expression, Lipid Raft, Growth Factor

Mechanisms of Signal Transduction December 14, 201512:13 PM Glycogen phosphorylase: Stimulated by glucagon and epinephrine Allosterically regulated Discovery of covalent modification as a regulatory mechanism using glycoge...

BIOC 3570

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