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BIOL 1020
Wright& Newmaster

1 A small number of birds arrive on an island from a neighboring larger island This small population begins to adapt to the new food plants available on the island and their beaks begin to change About twice a year one or two more birds from the neighboring island arrive What effect do these new arrivals havec Their arrival tends to slow adaptation to the new food plants2 Most speciation processes are slow in that they may take many generations for speciation to take place exceptc Polyploidy3 In terms of evolution the extinction patterns in the fossil record indicatea The number and types of species have changed over time4 Evolution occurs primarily at the level of theb Population5 The development of resistance to cyanide poisoning in California citrus scale is an excellent example of evolution by natural selection Which of the following characteristics of this situation were critical to the evolutionary processa There was variation in cyanide resistance among individualsb There was inheritance of cyanide resistancec There were differences in fitness related to variation in cyanide resistanced All of the above were critical to the evolutionary process6 You want to study divergence of populations and you need to maximize the rate of divergence in order to see results within the period of your grant funding You will form a new population by taking some individuals from a source population and isolating them so the two populations cannot interbreed What combination of characteristics would maximize your chance of seeing divergence in this study1 Choose a random sample of ind
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