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BIOL 1070
Wright& Newmaster

Unit 7 Test Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis (Connell 1978): IDH predicts that the highest species richness will occur at an intermediate level of intensity or frequency of natural disturbance. Large, infrequent, disturbances are often catastrophic and include disturbances such as floods, forest fire, hurricanes and volcanic activity. A woodlot may be transformed by a severe fire into an open field dominated by herbs and grasses. A less severe fire may transform a maple woodlot into one that is dominated by ash and popular seedlings. Natural disturbances are very important in shaping landscapes and influencing ecosystem processes. Ecosystem function: The exchange of energy and nutrients among plants, animals and their environment. Ecosystem Services: Refers to the processes within ecosystems that provide fundamental resources such as water, clean air or even the decomposition of waste products. Woodlots provide many services such as carbon recycling (e.g., carbon dioxide in the air converted into biomass in wood and leaves), animal waste filtering from adjacent farms and filtering of watersheds. Adaptive management: Utilizes ecosystem management as a tool to alter the functioning of an ecosystem. This approach is designed to test hypotheses about the functioning of
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