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Week 6 Exam notes

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BIOL 1070
Wright& Newmaster

Week 6 Exam notes Light also regulates many biological rhythms of many species of both plants and animals. Birds orient themselves by means of the perception of small differences in the reflection of light UV by the objects on land such as different types for forests, water, rocks, etc. Shade tolerant plants can dominate the understory of dense forest canopies. Beta diversity or differentiation diversity compares alpha diversity among several communities. Beta diversity is low when two ecosystems share the similar species and respective abundance. An intelligent meander records date, time, location and a list of species. Inventory diversity can be defined by alpha diversity, which is the number of species in a local forest stand. Matching terms with their definitions: Organisms that directly or indirectly modulate the 1. Habitat __2__ availability of resources to other species, by causing 2. Ecosystem physical state changes in biotic or abiotic materials. engineers A region in environmental space that is composed of __1__ multiple dimensions, each representing a biotic or abiotic 3. Functional environmental variable. diversity 4. Niche A biodiversity measure based on functional traits of the __3__ species present in a community. 5. Functional traits An attribute of a species that defines th
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