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Week 7 Exam notes

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BIOL 1070
Wright& Newmaster

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Week 7 exam notes Species richness in many systems is highest at an intermediate level (of intensity or frequency, or both) of natural disturbance Matching terms with their descriptions: The characteristic exchanges within an ecosystem 1 Adaptive __5__ such as energy and nutrient exchanges, . Management decomposition and production of biomass. __1__ Values & Assumptions – Policies – Goals – 2 Co-Management Management – Monitoring - Evaluation. . The sharing of authority, responsibility, and benefits between government and local 3 Ecosystem Service __2__ . communities in the management of natural resources. 4 Resources and processes that are supplied by . Scientific Method __3__ natural ecosystems. Observation & Assumptions – Hypotheses – 5 Ecosystem Function __4__ Predictions – Experiment – Monitoring - . Evaluation. Species richness is provided for 12 plots in three areas representing low, medium and highly disturbed areas within the Arboretum. What is true about the figure: In fields, alpha diversity is highest in areas with low disturbance. Ecosystems are dynamic interrelated collections of living and non-living components organiz
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