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Week 10 Exam notes

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BIOL 1070
Wright& Newmaster

Week 10 exam notes Metabolic rate when expressed as a relative term always has the animal mass included in the units. To increase surface area for exchange, organs such as the lungs have elaborated membranes that may increase the exchange area by 25 fold. Ques. The winter flounder survives cold arctic waters in winter but can adjust to slightly warmer ocean temperatures in summer. In the lab, researchers have measured metabolic rate over the seasonal range of temperatures. Using the data below, what is true? Temperature Metabolic rate 0 C m/O2/g/h -1 0.5 1 0.7 3 0.9 5 1.0 7 1.2 9 1.5 11 2.1 ANS: The Q10 is 3. Matching terms: __3__ ↓ metabolism weeks/months 1 brown fat __1__ generates 10 X more heat . 2 __4__ fuels hibernation . arousal __2__ ↑ body temperature 3 hibernation __5__ dormancy nightly . 4 white fat . 5 . torpor Brown fat......... mito
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