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Week 11 Exam notes

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BIOL 1070
Wright& Newmaster

Week 11 exam notes Matching Terms: __2__ cells shrink 1 isotonic __3__ cells swell . 2 __4__ intracellular fluid . hypertonic __1__ cells do not change 3 __5__ H O m2ves to high solute area . hypotonic 4 cytosol . 5 osmosis . We know the arctic has not always been a harsh, cold place because.............. brachiopod fossils are abundant - a group that is now relatively rare but once were prevalent in marine environments. Ice crystals may not damage cell membranes if there is controlled ice formation that occurs only in the extracellular fluid. Both freeze-intolerant and freeze-tolerant animals may produce glycerol and/or other sugars in their cells. Antifreeze proteins bind to ice crystals and lower the freezing point of body fluids, preventing ice crystal formation One example of how the external environment impacts an organism differently depending on the developmental stage is.... Crustaceans in Arctic ponds produce eggs that remain dormant and then hatch in warmer conditions in the spring, while adults do not survive. Matching the overwintering strategy with the appropriate animal. __1__ Wood frog 1 . Freeze Tolerant __2__ Temperate ant __2__ Arctic vole 2 Freeze Intolerant . __2__ Winter flounder _
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