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University of Guelph
BIOL 1080
Jim Kirkland

DefinitionsFebruary1112957 PM Physiome The physiome of an individuals or species physiological state is the description of its functional behavior Anatomy physiology logic unit infophysiomeAstrocytesubtype of glial cells in brain and spinal cord multifunctional cells more dense than neurons monitor and regulate synapseLocus place or space especially at center of an activityElegans nematods worm most defined model of genes life causeeffectLifespan how long to liveHealthspan how long will be living healthy lifesyleChronobiology study of timescales and cycles in biologyBiological rhythms cycles in all zones biological rhythmicity ultradian 24 hours infradian 24 hoursCentral clock brain region called superchiasmatic nucleus keeps time based on light signals from retinaBone mineral turnover living cells in bone are constantly building mineral structure while other are breaking it downHydroxyapatite insoluble deposit of calcium and phosphate with extracellular protein matrixNeurocrine hybrid intermediate form of chemical signaling usually hydrophilic stored in vesiclesSomatic nervous system directs voluntary movementsAutonomic nervous system regulates involuntary bodily activities heart rate breathingParasympathetic nervous system governs bodily activities during restful conditionsSympathetic nervous system prepares body for stressful or emergency situationsDendrite receive info from other neurons or environmentDendritic tree accepts signalsCell body controls cells metabolic activity integrates input from other neuronsAxon conducts nerve impulse away from bodyAxon ending release neurotransmitters that affect the activity of nearby neurons or effector
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