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23 Apr 2012
IDP EXAM Prethoughts notes:
-fish are food stuff that does not need to be consumed for human reproduction, growth or
- but gov & food organizations recommend INC consumption of fish/ or fish products and
natural health products
- fish as single entity: 1) fish flesh (skeletal muscle) 2) extracted, isolated fish oil in capsule
- Fish fillets are a concentrated source of high quality protein (protein is readily digested, & it
provides a good balance of essential AMINO ACIDS.
- Important source of VITAMIN D and calcium in some instances.
- Overall, fish fillets have relatively low levels of oil/fat, & lack almost 0 carbs! , contain no
fibre and have significant level of cholesterol.
- Macronutrient Composition: fish flesh is similar to composition of extra lean cuts of meat
(beef,pork,chicken) all are animal skeletal muscle food sources!
- Recommendation to eat more fish even tho macronutrient compositions are very similar to
pork,beef and chicken, no recommendation for those meats!?
- Doest matter what type the fish is, wild/farmed, or how its raised or fed, doesn’t impact the
fact that fish fillets are an excellent source of dietary PROTEIN
- Secret to nutritional/medical benefits of fish lies in the FATTY ACID composition of the
fat that is part of the fillet. Fish muscle is high in both MONO & POLY – unsaturated fatty
- Specifically, fish muscle contains 2 fatty acids, omega (EPA) & omega (DHA), which are
thought ot be particularly beneficial (medicine-like) for the health of the average Canadian.
- Dietary requirement in humans for both omega-6 & omega-3 fatty acids. Can be met by
appropriate intake of LINOLEIC acid (omega-6) & ALPHA LINOLENIC acid (omega-3).
- Omega-6 is required In the diet of humans to make ARACHIDONIC acid. It is incorporated
into cellular membrane phospholipids and after selective release from the membrane struct,
can be metabolized into a variety of signalling molecules, aka EICOSANOIDS (hormone-
like chemical messenger) active in regulation of blood clotting, inflammation, fever and
pain! *** their activities are on Balance, Pro-inflammatory . they are critical to processes
like wound healing, immunity & pregnancy, BUT they tend to INC the progression of most
chronic diseases as we age.
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