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IDP EXAM Prethoughts notes.doc

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University of Guelph
BIOL 1080
Jim Kirkland

IDP EXAM Prethoughts notesGOODfish are food stuff that does not need to be consumed for human reproduction growth or developmentbut govfood organizations recommend INC consumption of fish or fish products and natural health productsfish as single entity 1 fish flesh skeletal muscle 2 extracted isolated fish oil in capsule form Fish fillets are a concentrated source of high quality protein protein is readily digestedit provides a good balance of essential AMINO ACIDS Important source of VITAMIN D and calcium in some instances Overall fish fillets have relatively low levels of oilfatlack almost 0 carbscontain no fibre and have significant level of cholesterol Macronutrient Composition fish flesh is similar to composition of extra lean cuts of meat beefporkchicken all are animal skeletal muscle food sources Recommendation to eat more fish even tho macronutrient compositions are very similar to porkbeef and chicken no recommendation for those meatsDoest matter what type the fish is wildfarmed or how its raised or fed doesnt impact the fact that fish fillets are a
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