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23 Apr 2012
LEC 15 Exam notes!
Let’s Eat!
how we have evolved… Homeostatic Hunger (b4) compared to Hedonic Hunger (now)
Agriculture, food science
Before we start to eat - there are some preconditions which determine, in part, the outcome of
the food and of the ‘meal eating experience’.
I. Motivation to Eat
Hedonic Hunger a continuum*
Homeostatic Hunger
II. Nutritional Status
Deficiency of Nutrients and/or Energy
Adequacy of Nutrients and /or Energy
Excess of Nutrients and/or Energy
* most Canadians in this area for macronutrients/energy
‘Hunting and gathering at the buffet
+ Dec activity potential =OBESOGENIC environ.
Within about 48 hr, food consumed to support growth, maintenance and repair of the body is
During this time you must convert polymers and complex macromolecules into useable units
- amino acids (protein)
-monosaccharides (carbohydrate)
- fatty acids (fat or lipids)
- minerals
and distribute them throughout the body.
**essentials, conditionally, essential ,
non-essential nutrient chemicals in foods deficiency in diet Nutritional deficiency disease!
The Cephalic (HEAD) Phase of Digestion & Absorption
Chemical and mechanical digestion begins in the mouth
Chewing: mastication
Salivary secretion is under autonomic control (stim by SNS and PNS)
softens and lubricates food and
provides enzymes: amylase and some lipase
**All senses involved in preparing to eat
Brain imaging - large areas light up when we prepare to take our first bites
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