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LEC 15 Exam notes.doc

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BIOL 1080
Jim Kirkland

LEC 15 Exam notesLets Eat how we have evolved Homeostatic Hunger b4 compared to Hedonic Hunger nowAgriculture food scienceBefore we start to eatthere are some preconditions which determine in part the outcome of the food and of the meal eating experienceI Motivation to EatHedonic Hungera continuum Homeostatic HungerII Nutritional StatusDeficiency of Nutrients andor EnergyAdequacy of Nutrients and or EnergyExcess of Nutrients andor Energy most Canadians in this area for macronutrientsenergy Hunting and gathering at the buffet ADVERTISINGDec activity potential OBESOGENIC environ Within about 48 hr food consumed to support growth maintenance and repair of the body is processedDuring this time you must convert polymers and complex macromolecules into useable units amino acids proteinmonosaccharides carbohydrate fatty acids fat or lipidsvitamins mineralsand distribute them throughout the bodyessentials conditionally essentialnonessential nutrient chemicals in foodsdeficiency in dietNutritional deficiency diseaseThe Cephalic HEAD Phase of DigestionAbsorption Chemical and mechanical digestion begins in the mouthChewing masticationSalivary secretion is under autonomic control stim by SNS and PNS softens and lubricates food and provides enzymes amylase and some lipaseAll senses involved in preparing to eatBrain imaginglarge areas light up when we prepare to take our first bites
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