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BIOL 1080
Jim Kirkland

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BiO 1080 Week 1 Reading notes TextonlineText p112No single definition applies to all forms of life therefore we canonly characterize life not define it Can only list the traits associated with life Scientists agree in general these following statements characterize life1living things contain nucleic acids proteins carbs and lipids Living things can comnine certain elements of over 100 to create molecules that are found in all living organisms Which include the first 4 elements stated 2 Living things are composed of cells Cells are the smallest unit of life Unicellular organisms 1 cell or multicultural many cells such as humansAll cells come from preexisting cells Because cells can divide to form new cells reproduction growth and repair are possible 3 Living things grow and reproduce Living things grow and generate new individuals that carry some of the genetic material of their parents Bacteria reproduce by making new and almost exact copies of themselves Humansother organisms reproduce by combining genetic material with another individual Many organisms have stages of life Human progress from embryo to fetus childhood adolescents and then adult 4 Living things u
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