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Lec 13 exam notes

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BIOL 1080
Jim Kirkland

LEC 13 exam notesCirculatory System Network AnalysisOrgan FunctionHeartPump BloodKidneyfilter and adjust volume and content of blood plasma indirectly controlblood pressureSpleenfilter and remove old red cells and platelets site of maturation of whiteblood cells Thymussite s of maturation of white blood cells major site of antigen presentation and memory formation in B cell populationsTonsils 4 typessite of storage and maturation of white blood cells note redundancy in SystemThe Heart as a Muscular Pump The heart is made of cardiac muscle tissue called myocardium What makes cardiac muscledifferent from skeletal muscleNeural input involuntary autonomicNeural conduction gap junctions very fast contract as a unit ieno fibre recruitment like skeletal musclein wavelike action MetabolismVERY high oxidativecapacity lots of mitochondriafatigue resistanthas to beat for a lifetimes100000day Roughly 3 BILLION totalThe Heart as a Muscular Pump The right side of the heart pulmonary circuit Contains blood rich in carbon dioxide Returns from the tissues Flows out to the lungs The left side of the heart systemic circuit Contains blood rich in oxygen Returns from the lungs Flows out to the tissuesphysicians can diagnose valve problems with a stethoscope
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