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Notes about the Nucleus

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BIOL 1090
Marc Coppolino

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BIOLOGYThe Nucleus A Functionstorage replication and repair of genetic materialexpression of genetic material o transcription mRNA tRNA rRNA o splicingribosome biosynthesis o there are no active ribosomes in the nucleus only partially assembled onessegregation of transcription and translationlarge tenet of eukaryotic cells o major separation between cytoplasmic and nuclear activity o translation occurs in the cytoplasm transcription in the nucleusThe Nuclear Envelopenuclear membrane nuclear pores nuclear laminaA Structuretwo parallel phospholipid bilayers separated by 1050nm o different than other membranes weve discussedouter membrane binds ribosomeso continuous with rough ER o intermembrane space continuous with ER lumeninner membrane bears integral proteins which connect to nuclear laminasupported by nuclear laminavery solid structure hard to disrupt cells can rupture and NE will remain intactB Function o separates nuclear content from cytoplasmsegregates transcription and translation o selective barrierallows limited movement of molecules between nucleus and cytoplasm using channel proteinsThe Nuclear Lamina C Structurethin meshwork of filamentous proteins next to the nucleoplasmic leaflet of the inner nuclear membrane o lamins class V IFsbound to inner membrane of NE by integral membrane proteinsprovides structural support for NEassociates with DNA provides attachment sites for chromatin o creates specialized regions of activity allowing relevant parts of DNA to be accessed by transcription machinery
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