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Final Exam Review

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Fall 2013

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BIOL 1500
Shoshanah Jacobs
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Exam Review Biology
Niche- ecological role, physical habitat, relationships (how things interact) takes
form the environment, but also gives back (providing), the niche can change
(Climate, extinction), modify their environment (humans, beavers)
Ecological role and space that an organism fills in an ecosystem
Humans are the only species to modify the environment in order to change their
Ecosystem: genetic composition over successive generations, different species,
branching off of species,
Change in genotype = may or may not result in a change in phenotype= eventual
change in species
Genotype: genetic makeup, inheritable instructions in the genetic code (DNA)
Phenotype: What you can physically see, combination of genotype and the
environment, observational traits
Natural Selection: Members of species that have traits that help them survive
more, survival of the fittest, nature of the environment, which organism will
produce more then others. Good genotype = good phenotype = good sex life= good
chance of genetic survival, better traits = better chance of survival
Sexual Selection: Mate selection. Two ways you can make a choice:
Attracting mates: Usually the male is attracting females based on the way that he
looks. That trait will be over represented in the population.
Sexy phenotype-> good phenotype-< good sex life-> exaggeration of trait
Competing for mates: Based on strength, the stronger one who wins gets the
Good phenotype->good phenotype-> good sex life-> exaggeration of trait
Mammals: hairy, endothermic, prey, see in the dark (nocturnal), 300mya, warm
blooded, omnivores
Primates: forward facing eyes, tree dwelling, refined hands and feet, shortened
snout, 75-50 mya, large brain
Hominids: Bipedal, humans are their relatives closer than chimpanzees, Big Brains,
Australopithecus, homo habilis, homo sapiens, Neanderthals, homo sapiens sapiens

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Exam Review Biology Niche ecological role physical habitat relationships how things interact takes form the environment but also gives back providing the niche can change Climate extinction modify their environment humans beavers Ecological role and space that an organism fills in an ecosystem Humans are the only species to modify the environment in order to change their niche Ecosystem genetic composition over successive generations different species branching off of species Change in genotypemay or may not result in a change in phenotype eventual change in species Genotype genetic makeup inheritable instructions in the genetic code DNA Phenotype What you can physically see combination of genotype and the environment observational traits Natural Selection Members of species that have traits that help them survive more survival of the fittest nature of the environment which organism will produce
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