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If assumptions of hwt are met gene and genotype frequencies will remain constant through time. Population in hwe p=q=0. 5 f(aa)=0. 25, f(aa)=0. 50, f(aa)=0. 25. Evolution the change in allele frequencies between generations. Deviations from hwe within generations can be caused by: Mating btw relatives, most extreme form is selfing. By itself, does not change gene frequencies to change. Looses one half of its heterozygosity after each generation of selfing. Mating systems in many species are a mixture of inbreeding and outcrossing. Inbreeding alone is not a mechanism of evolution. But inbreeding can influence a popn"s response to mechanisms of evolution such as natural selection. F = inbreeding coefficient = ranges from 0 1. We can estimate the effective level of inbreeding in a population using deviations from hwe. Estimates probability that an individual is homozygous for an allele that is identical by descent. Suspect a population may be inbred if there is a deficiency of heterozygotes.