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BIOM 3200 Midterm: biommidterm2notes

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University of Guelph
Biomedical Sciences
BIOM 3200
Alastair Summerlee

Lecture 910 male and female reproduction Gonadotropic axis diagram (check slide) Spermatogenesis o Interstitial cells hormone testosterone o Seminiferous tubule sperm production Stem cells are spermatogonia Located in outer region Sitting on the basement membrane and multiplies Mature sperm move towards lumen o 1. Spermatogonia (diploid) divide (mitotic) One remains on basement membrane, one differentiates Primary spermatocyte (diploid) Constant process o 2. First meiotic division Secondary spermatocyte haploid o 3. Second meiotic division Spermatids haploid o 4. Continued maturation Spermatozoa Ejaculate seminal fluid (plasma) o Seminal fluid Volume of sperm = 0.1mL Majority fluid volume secretions from accessory sex glands Helps coat sperm cells, carries it down the tract, and keeps sperm nourished o Accessory sex glands Ampullae swellings at end of ductus deferens (just before urethra) Seminal vesicles vesicular glands near opening of ductus Prostate bilobed glands part way along pelvic urethra (can crush urethra and rectum) Bulbourethral glands two glands at end of urethra in pelvis o Ejaculated sperm are not able to fertilize UNTIL the process of capacitation in female tract occurs Capacitation of sperm o Epididymis (sperm store) Surface of epididymal spermatozoa contain proteins and carbohydrates o Ejaculate Surface proteins coated with seminal plasma proteins o Female tract Enzymes in female tract remove the surface proteins exposing binding sites on the sperm head that can bind with the membrane around the egg (zona pellucida) Process of fertilization o Binding of sperm to the zona pellucida (outer of egg) o Penetration of the zona pellucida (only first sperm) o Entry of sperm head (changes zona p. that blocks other sperm) o Intermingling of chromosomes (head of sperm explodes) Fertilization (the diagram slide) o The coronoa radiate is fuzzy bc it creates spaces for the head of sperm to push in
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