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University of Guelph
BUS 3000
Anita Lakra

The Strategic Human Resources Management (SHRM) Lecture: What is HR HR Life Cycle 1. Attract/Attain - Recruitment o Advertise o Test o Evaluate - Select o Rejection 2. Orient; Unions/CBA - Payroll admin - Compensation scheme - Injury; Occupational Health And Safety - Incentives - Performance management - Targets communication 3. Develop - Transfers o Promotions, demotions - Training - Relocation o Expats; ex-patriots, that are sent abroad for work projects 4. Separation - Dismissal o Fair vs not fair o Layoff o Quit o Retire What is HRM? - Management of people in the organization o From org perspective, maximize employees contributions and productivity o From employee perspective, protect, reward and recognize individual employees o From societal perspective, act legally and ethically with high corporate social responsibility HRM Responsibilities - Consultant and strategic change agent - Offer advice - Formulation policies and procedures o A lot happens out of HM ie what time you show up for work, who can use what appliances in kitchen - Provide services o Answer questions - Ensure legal compliance o Second most important part of job Why study HRM? - Without people, organizations couldnt exist - Organizational success depends on careful attention to human resources - Everyone is bound to be a manager or an employee - Increased competitiveness in industry and in labour force requires HRM knowledge o Introverts and extroverts are not associated with performance o IQ test is largest predictor of job performance The Role of HRM - Attraction of right quality and number of employees - Select the right individuals - Provide orientation for new employees - Develop job descriptions and performance evaluations - Establish compensation system - Foster a safe & healthy work environment - Compliance with legal requirements - Facilitate a work environment that facilitates high employee performance How does HR Fit in the Organization? - Mix of activities o HR o Department only o HR and Department combines - Examples of HR only activities o Pre-employment testing o Recruiting o HR record keeping o Wage salary Policy developed o Job analysis o Outplacement o Union/Labor relations - Examples or other Dept. only activities o Purchasing o Maintenance/janitorial services o Media relations o Business insurance/risk management o Office/administrative services - Examples of HR and Other Dept Joint activities o Interviewing o Training, non-management o Motivational programs o Job specific and scientific background need to be combined Introduction to Strategic HRM - HRM is a set of interrelated functions and processes whose goal is to attract, socialize, motivate, maintain and retain an organizations employees - What managers do and what they should do Example of aligning strategy with HRM - Cost leadership Strategy o Tight cost control o Production efficiency o Products designed for ease of manufacture o Intense supervision of labor - HR strategies o Clear job descriptions o Detailed work planning o Emphasis on technical skills o Job-specific training o Job-based pay o Performance evaluations for control Outcomes of Strategic HRM - When you align HR with organizational strategy, youll see growth in commitment, improved financial results, and find yourself better able to attract and retain the right people End of HR as we know it Forces Driving Change (Kaplan) - Changing technology - New rules - Succession planning - Identifying top talent o Top 10% - encourage earning bonuses, training etc. They bring in most of revenue o Bottom 10% Hopeless group, get them out of the organization Neglected, not encouraged to take training, not invited on retreats o Mean performance will increase over the years if you keep cutting the bottom Ranking increases internal pressure and stress at times. Can be very destructive to teams. - A new breed of HR leaders - A new bread of workers (Chhizner)
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