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CHEM*1040 Fall'12 Mid-Term Version 2.pdf

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CHEM 1040
France- Isabelle Auzanneau

1 CHEM*1040 General Chemistry I Midterm Examination, Fall 2012 University of Guelph, Department of Chemistry VERSION 02 – RED Family Name (print neatly): First Name (print neatly): Signature: Student ID Number: Instructions: This examination consists of thicover page, 4 pages of questions and a data page. Please check that you have all pages. The data page may be removed and used for rough work, but it will be graded. No notes, printed material of any kind or communication with other students are permitted. Programmable calculators aret permitted. For page 5, only work in ink will be considered for re-grading. You should have a RED coloured test scoring answer sheet. Multiple choice answers must be recorded inPENCIL on the Test Scoring Answer Sheet within the time given for the examination. On side 1 of the Test Scoring Answer Sheet: 1. Print your family nameand first name initial(s) in the appropriate boxes. 2. Fill in the circles with your name and first name initial(s). 3. Print your 7-digit STUDENT ID number in the appropriate boxes including leading zeros (e.g., 0123456). 4. Fill in the circles with your STUDENT ID number. 5. Enter “02” for the “section number” (to represent this version of exam) 6. Leave the E-mail ID section blank. 7. Record your answers within the examination period (i.e., 90 minutes). Written Page ( page ) /20 2 PART A: Multiple Choice Section [2 points each] For each question, circle the letter of the one correctanswer and enter the answer on the Test Scoring Sheet in pencil. The Test Scoring Answer Sheet will be considered fina l. Answers must be transferred to the Test Scoring Answer Sheet within the examination period. There is no penalty for incorrect answers. 1. Which of the following series is isoelectronic? a. B, 2- N,-O + 2+ b. S , Cl , K , Ca c. F , Cl , K , Rb + d. Na, K, Rb, Cs e. Sn, As, S, F 2. Specify the hybridization of the nitrogen atom in each of the following, in order. - - NO 3 N 2 NO 2 a. sp 3, sp, sp 2 2 b. sp , sp, sp c. sp , sp, sp 3 3 2 3 d. sp , sp , sp e. none of the above 3. Which of the following statements is (are) TRUE? 1. The product of wavelength and frequency of light is a constant. 2. As the energy increases, the frequency of the radiation decreases. 3. As the wavelength of light increases, the frequency increases. a. 1 only b. 2 only c. 3 only d. 1 and 3 e. 2 and 3 4. All the following molecules have polar bonds and are polar molecules EXCEPT: a. ClF 3 b. PF 3 c. PF5 d. SF 4 e. H2CF 2 5. Which one of the following atoms in its ground state is diamagnetic? a. F b. N c. B d. Ca e. Si - 6. What is the formal charge on the ch lorine atom in the chlorate ion, ClO , which 3s drawn showing three single bonds. a. +2 b. +1 c. 0 d. -1 e. -2 7. All of the following statements about the quantum numbers are true EXCEPT a. n has integral values from 1 to ∞. b. l has values from 1 to n-1. c. m hls 2l + 1 values. d. m 1 has values of –l to +l, including 0. e. m s has values of +1/2 and –1/2. 3 8. The number of orbitals in an f (l = 3) sub-energy level is: a. 2 b. 5 c. 7 d. 10 e. 14 3+ 9. What is the electron configuration of Fe a. [Ar] 3d 4s 2 3 2 b. [Ar] 3d 4s c. [Ar] 3d 4s 1 5 d. [Ar] 3d 6 e. [Ar] 3d 10. In which of the following lists do the ions NOT appear in the order of increasing ionic radius? + + + a. Li
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