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Chemistry 1040 Exam Review

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CHEM 1040
Abdelaziz Houman

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More Fun Chemistry 1040 Review1Pauli Exclusion Principle statesaElectrons are distributed in among the orbitals of a subshell in such a was as to yield the maximum number of unpaired electronsbNo two electrons can have the same sets of all four quantum numberscMore than one electron can have the same set of all four quantum numbersdNo two electrons can have 2 of the same quantum numbers2Electronegativitys periodic trendaIncreases from top to bottombDecreases from top to bottomcIncreases from left to rightdDecreases from left to righteA and CfB and CgB and DhA and D23What is the ground state electron configuration of Ti22aAr 3d4s11bAr 3d4s2cAr 4s2dAr 3d42eAr 3d4s4According to VSEPR theory the angles in SeF areis4a90 120 180b90 120 180c90 180d180e90 120The next four questions refer to this molecule 56ClO5The CCC bond angle is123a180HCCHCHCOH b120212347c109d906Hybrid orbital at C is1asp2bsp3csp3dspd32espd
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