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Chem 1050 midterm notes

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CHEM 1050
Richard Delaat

Chem 1050Text Ch 6 911 18February0412121 PMHeat qTHERMODYNAMICSSystemThermal surroundingsScience of interconversion of different forms of energyEssential foundation for understanding physical and biological sciencesCenter of physical description of living matterWork wChemical reactions involve transfer of energy between the system and surroundings Internal energy everything but the systemUSystempart of the universe under observationOpenboth mass and energy can leave and enter body of waterMechanical Closedenergy can be exchanged but no mass can enter or leave balloonsurroundingsIsolatedneither mass or energy may enter or leave thermosSurroundingsthe rest of the universeUniversesystem and surroundingsState of systemcharacterized by set of variables P V T nstate variablesaka state functionsInternal energyenergy of system may change due to energy transfer into and out of Remembersystem UHeat change at constant 2 ways to change U qheat flow wworkP change in enthalpyOnly measure changes in U not absolute valuesUUUfinalinitialEnergy cannot be created no destroyedonly transferred in and out of systemTemperatureindication of heat content heat flows from high to low flow determined by molecular motionsThermochemistrysubset of thermodynamics study of heat given off or absorbed in chemical reactionAll chemical reactions accompanied by energy change no energy change no reactionExothermicheat absorbed from the system by surroundingsex all combustion H0rxnEndothermicheat absorbed by the system from the surroundingsex photosynthesis H0rxnMost reactions under constant pressure conditions Enthalpy heat flowchange caused by heat given off or absorbed at constant pressure HCalorimetryscience used to measure heat change measurement of quantities of heat bo
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