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CLAS 1000 Study Guide - Final Guide: Laius, Polybus Of Corinth, Proskynesis

Classical Studies
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CLAS 1000
John Walsh
Study Guide

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Zeugetae: The zeugitae were those whose property or estate could
produce 200 bushels of wet or dry goods (or their equivalent), per year.
Significance is that it shows the different levels and classes according to
Sarissa: created by phillip, it was a new phalanx where he lightned the
armour and liengthend the spear. Significant because it was an
advancement in technology and more effective in battle, more range and
Thebes : 371 they defeated the Spartans (Athenian allies) and became
the new military power. Significance : innovation on the battle field
Proskynesis :Persian ritual bow to a king. Shows how Greeks identified
proskynesis with tyranny
Chaeronea : Confrontation at chaeronea , Phillip met athenian army
paid for by persians ,Confrontation was to check the power of macedons
Pericles: he was elected strategos every year democratic reforms
and socialized with intellectuals
Sphacteria : In 425, atheninas engaged in battle and won. The historical
significance of the Battle of Sphacteria is observable in how it
exemplifies the naval strengths of the Athenians, which allowed them to
attain victory over the Spartans, who, in the Peloponnesian League,
were inferior in navigating via waterways.
But they didnt look at the numbers. Some spartans surrendered to the
Dionysia : a festival to warship dionysis including performances. Origin
of the tragedies
Prometheus: brought fire to mankind. Significance: story to describe
the origins of humans. Also signifies the sacrifices made for love.
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Prometheia: trilogy written by Aeschylus (Prometheus bound (1) ,
Prometheus unbound (2), Prometheus the fire bringer (3).
SIGNIFICANCE: Suffereing on behalf of mankind, Being freed from
punishment , Reconsilliation
Apothetae : significance : Spartans valued a perfect race based on
physical appearance, wanted a perfect military with no errors. Signifies
the ideals of the Spartans in relation to the rest of Greece, since they
were the only ones who did this.
Olympias: signifies internal feuds between royal families
Sophocles: advancement in Greek literature, a transition in the artistic
world showing how plays went from dialogue to interaction by adding a
third person, which also increased interest within the people which in
turn affected the economy in greece
Antigone: shows the struggle between what is right and what is lawful.
Aeschylus : invented the tragedy (first tragedy of note)- added a second
actor so it wouldn’t just be one narrating the story, invented the trilogy
(not in order). Turn in the artistic world, advancement in literature. Also
wrote about true events (xerxes)
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From worship of Dionysus:
Tragedy literature came from the warship of dionysus
He was the god of wine, dna many of his companions were satire
creatures (half goat half man)
The tragos (goat) they would sing songs about dionysus
That were tragic
Thespis (6th century BC)
From the simple begining  cent mid/late ’s BC after
confrontation with persia)
Thespis took the goat songs and made a character
Actors today called thespians
His characters wore masks to indicate their role
Choerilus  for 3 …
Many of poets are well known by reputation
Man named choerilus wrote 150 plays to be showed at dionysia
This festival would drive poets to write
Choerilus won the dionysia 13 times
Was a competative env
He created a character form teh dancing half/ goats/human so he
thought of writing a drama on human condition
Aeschylus Persae
First real tragedy of note, is Aeschylus, he was born in ’s-455
He wrote many tragedies
One called the Pesae=persians
He wrote about xerxes
Aeschylus faught and his broher had faught in batle of marathon
Came from fam with great military rep
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