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CLAS 1000 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Aegean Civilizations, Gynoecium, Helladic Period

Classical Studies
Course Code
CLAS 1000
John Walsh
Study Guide

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Midterm exam CLAS1000
Questions will follow readings and lectures following the term test, there won’t be
specific questions from the first half of the material
o Gender and sexuality
o Women and the greek household
o At the gymnasium: competition and sport
o Literature performance I
o Literature performance II
o Art and architecture
o Philosophy (600-300 BCE)
Section 1: 15 multiple choice questions (15 points each)
Section 2: two identification and significance (5 points)
Section 3: one image identification and significance (2.5 points)
Section 4: one text identification and significance (2.5 points)
Section 5: write one essay. In this essay you can expand on any section
o Discuss the greek bronze age, addressing both its origins and eventual collapse.
Who were the first greeks, and what evidence do we have to understand early and
middle Helladic Greece? Support your discussion with specific examples and
o Literally memorize a chapter and become a pro at it
Women and the greek household
Gender and sexuality
o there is the constant theme of rape and abduction. Zeus begins greek civilization
by abduction and raping a women from Phoenicia
o greeks story are full of abduction abduction of helen as seen in some vase
decoration. Zeus was always abducting woman, he also abducted young
adolescent boys. Fifth century red figure attic cup we are able to see the idea of
pederasty (older men use sexually and erotically the bodies of young men for their
own delight)
older men was an erastes and younger men was eromenos (bad form if the
young men had a beard. He must be very young) considered only
acceptable for the older men to be sexually pleasured and aroused
male homo eroticism Etruscan ritual vessel Eros with pericles
o women played a role in greek society had a place but lower status in symposium
and male greek culture
women in attendance were present at the symposium as hetairai to provide
entertainment and some sexuality benefits to the men
some of the women were known as pornai who would serve as prostitutes
o attic red-figured psykter: unrestrained sexual conduct
o famile scene in a gynaecium men and women lived separate lifes. Women
worked in the women section, where they were devoted to attending to their
children and making clothes
o athenaeus’ deipnosophists – great power over men. In this piece of work,
reference is made to the female practice of showing the female body. Make
reference to the power female sexuality have. They were thought to present so
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