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CLAS 1000 Study Guide - Final Guide: Rhea Silvia, Polis, Lotus Tree

Classical Studies
Course Code
CLAS 1000
John Walsh
Study Guide

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- greeks grew up separated from eachother, poleis,
dene themselves from distinction
- rome lived closer, romans have an eye on the future ,
expansive view
- aeneas, ees troy with father and son Julius , wander
the agean and settle in rome
- rhea silvia and mars… vestal virgins, raped by god of
war mars
- a violent act.. rape of rhea silvia.. producing
children.,.. romulous and remus
- nutured by she wolf
- romulous established rome by joining together the 7
- binds together… sanctied them by plowing
- kills remus when crosses the line
- abducted raped the sabine women… ght fercly to
defend the roman conqourers
- used force to take peoples , but good at integrating
people into rome
- rome was established as a monarchy … monarcy
then republic then an empire
- traditionally it was ruled by 7 kings
- last king targuinius superbus… arrogant, disa#ection
between king and aristocrats… specic moment
sparked a revult
- noble women named larquisha.. raped by his son
nothing was done and she killed herself
- lucius lunius brutus overthrew him and instulled a
- republic was to divided the power of the king and
distribute it , to prevent the rise of another ruler
- Consuls, praetors, censors, aediles ,quaestors,
tribunes and dictators
- Check the inuence of wealth… under times of great
danger republic could be suspended and all power
could be given to one person
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