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Classical Studies
CLAS 1000
John Walsh

Greece To RomeEasy to think of these as two separate studiesGreeks typical were very inward looking Sparta and Athens culturally different even though they were so closeRome has a significant difference in world viewSituated on expansive wide open planRomans tended to look expansive over the horizonDefining difference of two culturesRome Begins as a empire builder story of foundation begins of joining units together into a wholeBasic roman impulse to gather and buildJoins seven separate hills into a single political entity Rome believes their origins lay in the sack of Troy Believed Aneas father was seduced by VenusAphroditeThroughout foundation myth we see a notable idea of Sacrifice For the StateRomans could absorb defeat in any other nationFoundation of Rome Ab Urbe ConditastApril 21 753 BC believed on that day Roman was foundedArcheological evidence with literary evidence to see what is trueChronology is pretty accurate with the MythMyth best preserved in Virgil synthesized a number of work into the Aeneid Writes during period of Augustus and Ceaser and writes to support the rule of AugustusRome has Origins in Trojan War so they believeA Greek Gift accepted by Trojans spelt their destructionTrojan would be suspicious of all gifts from Greeks including cultural GreeksAll Greek Gifts Bring Disaster Trojan ViewParticular Trojan prepares to fight for Troy AeneasAeneas was visited by Hectors GhostVenus Aphrodite appears to Aeneas Save your lifeCreusas Ghost Wife Says dont go we need you aliveFinally relents after 3 visits Puts Father on his back and grabs his son and they all flee into night togetherLares and Penates Ascanius IulusIulus is fleeing city Roman link to great family JuliliFather had been seduced by Venus from which a child was born Aeneas Iulus is grandson of the godest of loveVenus protective of Aeneas alwaysAeneas leaving in obligation to higher task Really important to understand his motives are heroicSale away into the nightTasked with finding new place for Troy to be rebuiltMust rebuild TroyRomans feel that they inherent a divine prerogative City exist because demand of GodsStop at a place called Carthage Settles in Carthage and welcomes by DidoInvited into home and bed chamber becomes lovers and engaged to be marriedSees future If stays with Dido they will have multiple decedents living together in peace and harmonyZeus sends messenger and reminds him about divinely sanctioned JobDecides to leave
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