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Style approach Martin Luther King Jr 1The style approach is a very useful way to define a leaders behavior and what forms it The style approach focuses a lot on how a leader acts the way heshe do things and why they do it Northouse 75 Martin Luther King Jr was an activist that stood against the government in a very extraordinary manner His behavior was focused on a nonviolent retaliation method that he had studied from past leaders2 He was a strong believer that persons emotions were the strongest form of retaliation and their behavior was shaped around those emotionsOn August 1963 Martin Luther King Jr gave the I Have A Dream speech which was one of the strongest ones hes conducted He used his emotions to create the behavior he wanted everyone form in order for change to happen That day an unprecedented dualparty coalition for antiracist legislation was created Ling 2003 3As we know the style approach consists of two major factors that define what type of a leader you are first one is concern for production and second is concern for people Northouse 79 4If Martin Luther King Jr were to fit in one of the five sectors of the Leadership grid he would utmost fit the CountryClub
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