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EDRD 3120 Study Guide - Final Guide: Instructional Design

3 pages177 viewsFall 2016

Environmental Design and Rural Development
Course Code
EDRD 3120
Susan Brown
Study Guide

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Final Exam
Answer the following (maximum 550 words):
Experience is central to adult and transformative learning. If you were to deliver a course to adult educators
in training what are five (5) key points you would make sure they understood about experience? Draw from
the articles from Unit 1, the Cranton text, and the Freire text for a well-rounded response. Explain why each
of these five (5) points is important.
Learning Cycle & to Value the Experience - Jarvis
o Experience itself is only a potential basis of learning
o Learning Cycle: Experience Reflection Observation Abstract Conceptualization
Active Experimentation (cyclical)
Close relationship between reflection and active experimentation
Skills are acquired through interaction of experimentation and reflection
until there are internalized as both habitualized knowledge and
routinized performance
o No situation had meaning itself, when people give meaning their experience
gains a meaning
o Oe perso’s eperiee is differet tha aother perso’s, ho a ot fid
J arvis, P . (1987, S eptember). Meaningful and Meaningless E xperience: T owards an Analys is of
L earning F rom L ife. Adult E ducation Q uarterly, 37(3), 164-172. R etrieved D ecember 10, 2016,
http://journals 2.s
Voluntary & Self-Directed Cranton-2016
o Adult learning is often considered voluntary because they choose to develop
personally or as a response to a professional or practical need but this leads to
the assumption that people are highly motivated and interested in a content
that is relevant to their needs, this may not be true
o Adult learning is also described as self-directed
The def’s of this are aried ad ofusig
Knowles: a process by which people made the instructional design
Cranton, Patricia. Understanding and Promoting Transformative Learning: A Guide to Theory and
Practice (Kindle Locations 65-736). Stylus Publishing. Kindle Edition.
Liberating education consists in acts of cognition, not transferals of information. It is a
learning situation in which the cognizable object intermediates the cognitive actors
teacher on the one hand and students on the other. (26) -Freire
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