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ENGL 1080 Final: ENGL Final Info

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ENGL 1080

Effective Writing – Preparing for an Essay Type Exam Learn the material with the exam format in mind  Do you know what will be on the exam? o 2 short essays  Need to prepare with essay structure in mind  Structure, techniques, etc. of an essay  Each one with 35% o Revision question  Worth 30% o Spend about 40 mins on each essay and the revision question  Read question in entirety  Budget time well  Questions provided beforehand? o Yes we will have the questions o When studying, bullet out points for the intro, body and conclusion  Review relevant materials Focus your studying by finding and anticipating questions  Look for same questions  Anticipate a few possible questions and formulate possible essay-type answers  Bullet-point your answers, so you can recall the key points in the exam – STRUCTURE! If the Professor distributes questions in advance  Have at least an outline answer for each question  Think of a couple key quotations that you can (roughly) reproduce in your exam essay Right Before the Exam  Notes are not permitted, so in the first couple minutes of the exam, write out your bulleted outlines for the essays you need to write  Keep your outlines simple and clear so you can reproduce them from memory! During the Exam  Always read the question carefully! And re-read it!  Answer the question on the exam – not the one you think it should be  Finish the easiest questions first – this maximizes your number of correctly completed answers Things to include and/or exclude in your answers  Viable thesis argument, supported by three or four key points/pieces of evidence  Explain how the evidence supports your thesis argument Follow a Writing Process  1. Plan the essay  2. B
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