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Bedford Terms (with descriptions and examples)–Part 2

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ENGL 1080
Michelle Elleray

Bedford Terms with descriptions and examplesDenotation is the literal meaning of a word or its dictionary definitionexample Chair solid object to sit on usually with a backFirstperson point of view is when the author tells a story while referring to himself or herself as I This narrator is usually but not always a major participant in the storys action example The Great Gatsby is told by Nick Carraway in first person narration therefore presenting to the reader only what he observes In Nicks example he alternates between telling the story subjectively and objectively When he is telling it subjectively he is telling the reader his thoughts In the Great Gatsby the narrator is not a main character and is merely observing the life of the main character The narrator does not have to be a main character for it to be a firstperson narration Nick Carraway tells the reader only what he sees while referring to himself as I making the Great Gatsby a firstperson narrationLyric poem is a brief imaginative and melodic poem characterized by the
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