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ENG 1080 outline

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University of Guelph
ENGL 1080
Michelle Elleray

InstructorTAsClassSchool of English and Theatre StudiesCollege of ArtsUniversity of GuelphENGL108003 Reading the Past Fall 2011Michelle Elleray mellerayuoguelphca office hours W 10301120 office location MacKinnon 417Shelly Millman smillm01uoguelphca office hours F 1230120 office location MacKinnon 429Ryan Rashotte rrashottuoguelphca office hours F 10001100 office location MacKinnon 404Lecture MacKinnon 116 MW 11301220 Seminar 307 MacKinnon 315 F 11301220 Seminar 308 MacLachlan 107 F 12301120 Seminar 309 Animal Science and Nutrition 306 F 11301220Course descriptionThis course is focused on the disciplinary skill of close reading and is intended for students planning to specialize in the study of English Literature Through a series of case studies the course introduces students to a range of historical and national writings in prose poetry and drama and to some of the key terms and concepts in contemporary literary studies Lectures and discussions address selected works from the Middle Ages onwards the periods in which these works were produced and some of the ways in which these texts have been or could be interpreted ENGL1080 and its companion course ENGL2080 are required for a major or minor in English Students are encouraged to enrol in ENGL2080 in the semester after they have completed ENGL1080Texts in order of readingNB there are only three texts to buy Eugene Vinaver ed King Arthur and His Knights Oxford University Press Toni Morrison Beloved any edition Ross Murfin and Supryia Ray The Bedford Glossary of Critical and Literary Terms Palgrave MacmillanIf you have an older edition than the one in the bookstore thats fine but you will need to check theassigned definitions remain the same and update as necessary The rest of the texts are available through Literature Online a database accessed through Trellis the library website library reserve or websites this is my attempt to keep your course costs down Wherever possible websites are also provided as a link on D2L You ar
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