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ENGL 3020
Andrew Bretz

Short Answer  Marlowe was a spy, atheist (crime to be), maybe wrote zenophobic (against protestant) posters. Had to report to privy council every day, keeping an eye on him. If he wrote the posters signed Tamburlaine (name of his first play) he could have gone rogue or been working for the privy council. Killed in a bar… stabbed in the eye…poss a double cross or a hit gone wrong.  Marlowe-actual events as its subject (no larger than life characters), first real Elizabethan play, changed how plays were wrote, introduced blank verse (iambic pentameter, does not rhyme, 10 syllables per line). Influences everything after him  Hubris: humiliating someone because they are less than you. Everyone was supposed to be equal, tries to keep rich citizens in check.  Providentialism: divine right of kings (rebel against king is to rebel against God), great chain of being (God, Angels, man, woman, animals, birds, fish; God will intervene and kill guilty), God is imminent in history.  Essex rebellion: Queen Elizabeth changes the rules of the game, gives essex power to collect taxes, sent to I
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