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ENGL 3550
Scott Schau

Lecture Mon Apr. 1 2013 Homebody Kabul Geography of the Play -the Homebody: “I am reading from an outdated guidebook about the city of Kabul. About the city of Kabul. In Afghanistan” (9) -Act 1, sc 1: london -Act 1, sc 2 to act 3, sc 1: Kabul -Act 3, scene 2: Khyber Pass -Periplum: London Act 2, sc 5 -Mahala: “you love the Taliban so much, bring them to New York! Well don’t worry, they’re coming to New York! Americans! (85) Interview -Excerpts from script: -Quango Twistleton (103) (British man speaking enlgish) -Mahala (87) (Pashtun Afghan woman speaking English) -The Munkrat to Priscilla (44) (Pashtun Afghan man speaking Pshtun to British woman speaking English) -The Homebody (various pages from act 1, sc 1) (British woman speaking English) -Kushner’s comments -international focus -“people don’t suffer within borders” Languages in Play -several forms of English -Farsi (13) Urdu (20) Pushtu (20) referenced -Dari (35, 83) -c.f. mothers “tongue” in opening monologue -language of peace, “common humanity” (58) “we are so afraid of the attacks we have forgotten our own names and can’t even understand what we say to each other” (8) Lecture Wed Apr. 3 2013 Language and communication -the homebody’s opening monologue/soliloquy -she is obsessed with language, audience, husband, daughter -gestures of communication (9, 25) -failures of communication (12, 13) -the homebodys obscure vocabulary -“synchitic epexegeses” (14) -“suspended in the rhetorical colloidal forever that agglutinates between might and do”(24) -suspended in language, successes and failures Communication -dialogue -failure of cross-cultural communication -44, 118, 120 -mis(translation) -83 ff, 121 -success of cross-cultural communication -126-27 History and family -play opens “at the very dawn of history” (9) -history starts with family (10) -play begins and en
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